Sample Thank You Card Wording For Kids

Thank You Card Cheat Sheet for Kids It’s the holiday season and your kids have Thank You Cards to write. Here are some to help make it go smoothly for all of you. Upon receipt of a gift, your kids need to write a handwritten Thank You Card to express their gratitude. These work for birthdays, graduation and any […]

Invisalign 10 Things My Teen Wants Your Teen to Know

Invisalign: How to Handle Pain & Discomfort

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Invisalign. This is Keenan’s fifth month using Invisalign. The novelty has definitely worn off and he is starting to ask…often, “Are we there yet.” Not. Even. Close. Bud.  While he hasn’t had a lot of pain using the Invisalign trays (which is much different than my 17 […]

My Son's First Concussion: How Did I Not Know?

My Son’s First Concussion: How Did I Not Know?

Noah experienced his first concussion last month. It was a scary and bizarre experience and not at all how I expected it would be. I have always been afraid of concussions. My kids have played both football and lacrosse since they were young. Bones have been broken, by the truckload. Yet, somehow until last month, we […]

Invisalign: Getting Answers to My Questions

Invisalign: Getting Answers to My Questions

This post is sponsored by Invisalign. Years ago we took both kids to the dentist with the intention of finding out how much we would be spending on their orthodontic treatments. Translation…how many additional jobs would I need to pick up to maintain my passionate collection of clothing, shoes and wine while paying for their […]

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To Sleepover or Not To Sleepover?

I have always thought sleepovers were a right of childhood passage. What could be more fun than ditching your dorky parents for your besties’ cool ones? Snuggling into bed at night with a friend next to you and staying up half the night talking, the stuff of childhood memories.  I have allowed my boys to […]


Hug Them While You Can: Soon They Will Be Teens

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Scholarshare. Colton had his first guitar recital last weekend. I awoke the morning of the recital to him slamming the refrigerator door at around 5:15 a.m. He had played his song, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star over and over in the weeks leading up to his big day […]

Summer Contract for Tweens and Tweens.jpg

Ooph Summer Contract 2014: Free Printable

It’s June and the kids are either already out or about to be out of school. The rules for summer are completely different and setting expectations is the best way to keep you from screaming, “When does school start??” before July 1st. Below is a printable contract for you and the kids. Cross out what […]

Win $2500 Towards a ScholarShare College Fund

Win $2500 Towards a ScholarShare College Fund

Sponsored by ScholarShare I’ve talked recently about setting up a college fund for your kids. I have one already in college and one heading there next year. (insert sobbing) As they grow so does the price of college and trust me when I tell you, you do not want to arrive at their freshman year […]