Embraced mother and daughter holding books.

Happy to Be the Uncool Mom

A Guest Post by Kristen Brakeman Since I became a parent almost sixteen years ago, I’ve worked hard to avoid becoming the un-hip suburban mom stereotype: I’ve stayed in touch with popular culture, resisted the lure of sweatpants and mom jeans, and made my best effort to refrain from being generally “embarrassing.” But I realized recently, […]


There’s Nowhere to Hide

Last week J and I were at Slaters 50/50 for the unveiling of their new menu, which included a Frito Burger, Fried Macaroni Balls, Buffalo Mac-n-Cheese, a Pop Rocks Vanilla Milk Shake and on and on and delicious face stuffing on. One after the next they delivered a signature cocktail to our table to sample […]

Seriously? Who Let Me Parent These Kids

I was in Vegas this past weekend attending Bloggy Boot Camp. I spoke on Saturday afternoon about the basics of blogging. Saturday evening many of us met for a drink. I went to the bar and ordered a double shot Patron margarita (don’t judge they poor lightly) for myself and was pleasantly surprised by the […]

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When They Hang Up on You: Seek Revenge

Recently my teenagers have taken to hanging up on me when they don’t like my answers. A conversation might go like this: Them: Hey mom, can I go to a party with a bunch of naked women and stay out until 1:00 in the morning? Me: That would be a definitive, NO. Them: But, all […]