Origami Owl Charms: What Inspires Your Core?

Origami Owl Charms: What Inspires Your Core?

We are super excited to be working with Origami Owl on the launch of  Core, their inspiring new collection. The collection includes pieces with significant names and meanings that speak to you on a deeper level… from your very CORE.  “Our mission is to be a force for good; to love, inspire + motivate people […]

30 Days of Diapers Giveaway!

Who Needs A Month’s Supply of Diapers?

This is a sponsored post by Huggies® Since Theresa keeps adding tiny beautiful babies to our world we get to keep talking about diapers here on MomSmack. I am beyond grateful she keeps having these little imps as I get to have my baby fix without the sleepless nights.  Recently, Theresa had a work dinner with her husband […]

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Back to school Means Time For Some Mom Time

Summer is coming to an end and it’s time for a some mom time. You have worked hard this summer as camp director. It’s time to recharge your batteries before we are all being sucked into back to school night, Halloween carnival planning and beginning those Thanksgiving shopping lists. Not sure where to begin?  Here’s a few ideas 1. Splurge […]

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Back To School Contract: Free Printable

This post is sponsored by Scholarshare. With just one week left until school starts, my family will begin the mad dash of getting the paperwork filled out, school supplies and clothes purchased, wrangling the kids back into a decent bedtime and MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL…our Back to School Contract. This will mark the 11th year […]

Summer Movies to see with Teens, Tweens, and Kids

8 Summer Movies to See With Your Family Before Summer Ends

Post by MomSmack Entertainment Writer Laura Crawford Has school started up for your kids yet? For some it has, but there are still many families who have a few days, even a few weeks left before the bell rings and it’s back to the grind of bus stops and carpool lines. One of the best […]


First Day of School Pictures Tips and Tricks

  Okay. So it’s the first day of school and you are flustered as it is. Lunches, “Mom, where’s my shoe” and that massive bag of school supplies larger than your kindergartner. Last thing on your mind is setting up the proverbial “First day of school with new backpack” photo.  We are all guilty of […]

5 Tips For Surviving The First Week With a Newborn

Five Tips For Surviving Your First Week With A Newborn

I’m not sure if it’s adrenaline, or just the dreamy state from the drugs that are still in my system, but the 1st night at home with a newborn always seems to go pretty smoothly for me.  It’s always the 3rd or 4th night when the lack of sleep really starts to take effect.  This […]

Invisalign: Getting Answers to My Questions

Invisalign: Getting Answers to My Questions

This post is sponsored by Invisalign. Years ago we took both kids to the dentist with the intention of finding out how much we would be spending on their orthodontic treatments. Translation…how many additional jobs would I need to pick up to maintain my passionate collection of clothing, shoes and wine while paying for their […]

10 Easy Decorating Tips That Will Make A Difference.jpg

10 Easy Decorating Tips That Make a Difference

We have been selling, moving and remodeling houses for the past several months and we have learned a few things. Below are 10 tips we think make the biggest different when decorating your home.  Click each photo to see where it came from and other similar ideas. P.s. We LOVE houzz.com.  1. Hang pictures and […]

Comic-Con 2014 TV Trailers Roundup

Comic-Con 2014 TV Trailers Roundup

 Post by our Entertainment Writer: Laura Crawford                 (photo credit fox.com) Probably on the bucket list of every geek (I file myself in this category), nerd, cosplay lover, and comic fan is to attend a Comic-Con Conference. It’s definitely on mine, and I was foaming at the mouth this […]