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Why I Used A Baby Monitor Until My Son Was Six

This post about my nighttime motherly anxiety and how a monitor calmed it is brought to you by VTech and Motherhood.  Colton, now nine, most likely will someday watch The Truman Show and wonder if his life wasn’t heading in that direction. You would think by my third child that I would use a monitor for a […]


School Lunch Hacks

I’m starting to feel that mid school year lunch boredom! Here’s a few tips! We’re barely into the school year and already we’re tired of making lunches and our kids are sick of eating what we do pack.  So we have been doing some research on pinterest for a few ideas.   Here are a few of […]

Delicious & Simple Crock Pot Roast!

Winter Crock Pot Roast

I love crock pot recipes because your entire dinner is in one pot and the task is complete by 10:00 in the morning.  It is so liberating at five o’clock to know that the only thing left to do is open a bottle of wine and set the table.  An added bonus is that your […]

grammy fashion

GRAMMYs Fashion Hits and Misses: Mostly Just Misses

It’s that time again. The GRAMMYs were last night and it wouldn’t be MomSmack if we didn’t weigh in on the fashions. There were a lot of hits, but mostly a lot of craziness!       Stefanie – I dare you to look her in the eyes.  Mama Kat – If The Little Mermaid’s Ursula and Mortica from […]

What Your Wife REALLY Wants for Valentine's Day

10 Things Your Wife REALLY Wants for Valentine’s Day

The best gifts in life are free. It sounds cliche but it isn’t. It’s the dang truth. I do not care if my husband spends a single dime buying me a gift ever again as long as he provides the free ones down below. Nothing says I love you more than showing your wife that […]

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Dry Sensivite Baby Skin: Six Tips You Must Know

The following post has been sponsored by Aveeno®, but all the words, thoughts and baby bath time are my own. I have three kids with the most sensitive skin. Use the wrong product on them and you can tell within minutes. No sooner are they out of the bath and their skin is already drying out and […]


11 Things I Can’t Believe I Have to Actually Say To My Son

When I found out we were having a boy I was terrified.  I’ll admit, I cried for days.  What in the world would I do with a boy?  People warned me that I would love a son completely differently (not more or less just differently) than a daughter.  They were right.      Yes, I’m glad […]

Heart Shaped Cinnamon Rolls

Valentine’s Day Heart Shaped Cinnamon Rolls

This is absolutely the easiest Valentine’s Day breakfast in the world! All you need is Pillsbury Grand Cinnamon Rolls and a few red sprinkles.  I mean of course you could make them from scratch, but these taste amazing so why go through the extra steps? Simply unroll each cinnamon roll.  Once you have a straight […]

Sunday Smack: A Sunday Paper for Moms #SundaySmack

Sunday Smack: A Sunday Paper for Moms February 1, 2015

  Throughout the week Theresa and I read posts from other bloggers we think you need to read. Remember the old days when our parents would sit with a cup of coffee and read the newspaper on Sunday mornings? SundaySmack is a newspaper for moms. Grab your coffee, hide in the bathroom if you must, […]