Holly House Remodel - Before and After

Holly House Update: Not Even Close to Finished

It’s been a while since I’ve update you on the progress of the Holly House. Mostly because it’s slow changing and there is nothing as dramatic as the demo phase. Also, because I keep thinking that I want to wait until we are done and show you the complete makeover. I’ve recently come to realize […]

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Here at MomSmack We’re All About That Bass

Here I was about to proclaim Rude by Magic! as song of the summer. Partly to annoy Stefanie and because I LOVE it.  The adorable Meghan Trainor has made me change my tune…literally.  If you have not yet heard All About That Bass you need to take 3.09 minutes and watch the video below!  After you have […]

Surprise! Ooph & RockonMommies are now MomSmack.

Surprise! Ooph & RockonMommies are now MomSmack.

SURPRISE! Welcome to what used to be Ooph or RockonMommies depending on which site you frequented. As you can probably tell, some things have changed around these joints. We are excited to announce the coming together of our two sites. It was an easy fit for us as we share a passion for travel, style, […]


Aden + Anais Bamboo Daydream Blankets Giveaway $150 Value

It’s no secret that once I find a product I love I can become a bit obsessed with it.  This is definitely true when it comes to aden + anais products. ESPECIALLY with their bamboo swaddle blankets. We use at least two or three daily with Caileigh and did the same with Zach.  They are […]

5 Things We Need to Stop Saying to  Girls

5 Things We Need to Stop Saying to Girls

Guest post from the lovely Theresa Seid.  Can we all just agree that you should never say any of the five things below in front of or directly to your daughter or any young impressionable girl. I bet you can all remember something that was said to you early on that you have remembered forever […]