Halloween at Bellmont Park

I have lived in San Diego for almost ten years and have never been to Bellmont Park! I think there may be some law against that. Well, before I get my California Drivers license revoked I need to get down there and ride The Giant Dipper! Luckily it’s time for Boomont Park, and we have […]

Hans - Once Upon A Time's Newest Villain

Hans – Once Upon A Time has a new villain in Storybrooke

This Sunday Once Upon A Time starts up again with the highly anticipated and widely talked about Season 4, where we get to see what our friends from Frozen have been up to. What the writers for OUAT and Frozen fans are giving us, as far as the Frozen characters’ story, is a look at what’s going […]


Minty Cucumber Margaritas

We’ve made it half way through the week so lets celebrate with a margarita!  A Cucumber Margarita! Ok how about a whole pitcher of margaritas. Thanks Anne for the inspiration!!

chalk board questions

Family Chatter: Presidents, History and Inheritances

How do I get my kids to talk to me? Listening and talking are learned behaviors. How your children will communicate with others and you is something they are learning from you. Are you talking with and listening to them every day? About things that don’t matter, not just peppering them with questions? Is your […]

4 Fall Recipes You MUST Try!

It’s Officially Fall: 4 Fall Recipes You Must Try

Can you believe it?  Fall starts this evening!  We are so excited to turn these sun dresses in for sweaters and Uggs! Alright, so we may have to wait a few more weeks for the weather to cool down here, but that doesn’t mean we can’t start serving some of our favorite fall dishes.  Below […]

Steelers Weekend Wear

Our Favorite Weekend Wear

I don’t want to speak to soon, but it appears that we actually may be cooling down here in SoCal! Which means we are even more excited to get decked out in our favorite weekend gear!  Theresa’s   I love Alyssa Milano’s sportswear line Touch for the ladies who love the NFL.  I get to support my […]

Teach Your Kids

Teaching Kids What “I’m Sorry” Really Means

Recently I watched Ellie get ignored by a couple of kids her age. I spent the day with a huge pit in my stomach thinking about it. I was devastated that anyone would treat her that way. I had sent her to a camp where she knew no one, and here she was trying to […]


The 2 Day Disney Cruise: Should You Board?

  My husband and I have considered taking Colt on a Disney cruise since he was a toddler. My husband was super excited at the idea. Me? Not so much. I enjoy a good day at Disney, but by the time the fireworks have gone dark I am ready to sprint to my car, Usaine […]