bill my parents or our kids can’t make our mistakes

Last weekend I attended the BlogHer conference in San Diego. And by weekend I mean I milked that crap for everything I could get out of it and hit the road on Wednesday and didn’t return until Sunday. I did, after all, have to do our SDMOMfia segment on NBC California NonStop and how could I drive all the way home (20 WHOLE minutes) and get up the next day and drive all that way back? You see what time waste this would have been. Yes?

A few weeks prior to the event I got a call from the loveliest of lovlies Erika at the PR agency bailey gardiner (they don’t capitalize so why should I?). She wanted to pick my brain as the parent of a teen about a brand they were working with. 

The product, Bill My Parents, a pre-paid debit card designed to prepare your teens for life after sucking every last dime you ever made out of you. A.K.A. when they finish college and move out on their own into the big bad world of retail temptation. (Or? Your basement. Depending on how well you have done.)

As you all know I do not use this blog to do reviews and this is no exception. This is not a paid review. (See disclaimer below) I do, however, use it as the mother of a teen to tell you what I see in the world of teendom. Good or ugly. Far too often it’s ugly. This time, it’s brilliant.

I am writing about this product because it rocks and you should use it. 

Keenan and Noah were so excited to have their own “credit cards.” It’s way cooler than whipping out mom’s card. I remember when I got my first card and I too felt cool. Until? I got my first bill. Wait? What? I spent how much on how many pairs of shoes and jean skirts? How is that possible?

So? I paid the minimal amount and then went on spending. Ultimately? I was BEYOND upside down and had no idea how to bail myself out. Which is pretty much the base line problem of our economy. Yes?

I was telling my brother the concept of Bill My Parents the other day and he said, “Isn’t that everyone’s rite of passage with credit cards to burn the first one?” 

Yes. I suppose in the past it has been for far too many. But? It doesn’t have to be. We can teach our kids something different. They don’t need to have a sucky first experience with cards. We now have an amazing tool to teach them to use responsibly. 

Both of my boys upon receipt of the card asked, “What if I don’t spend all of the money in one month?” 

“It rolls over,” I explained feigning support (thinking instead not a snowballs chance in H-E double hockey sticks would there be any rollover). And? There wasn’t. Au contraire mon frere.

Here is where it gets really cool for you, the parent. Bill My Parents sends you a text every single time your child spends a dime. Which is how I knew within hours there would be no rollover.

*ding* Your child just spent $15.00 dollars at the candy shop. 

Ten minutes later. 

*ding* Your child just spent $12.00 at McDonald’s. 

Two hours later. 

*ding* Your child just spent $11.00 In-n-Out. 

Oh yeah. Day one and we have crashed and burned. Just like that we were discussing money, credit and budgeting. Look at me being a responsible parent. *pound dog. blow it up* You too could be as cool as I am. Get the card.

Bill My Parents Hilarious Video

There are many other fabulous perks to this card. Anyone can load it, parental controls, immediate shut down via text if lost, fraud protection, pin only…the list goes on and on. Check out their site for all of the benefits and to get your teen started today. You won’t be sorry.

Disclaimer: I was paid to work at BlogHer on the convention floor for six hours over the weekend by Bill My Parents. My time ended there. No one asked me to follow up with a post on my site. I did that all by my lonesome because I feel that strongly about this product. If you haven’t noticed, our economy is in the crapper and the reason is because far too many have not been taught to live within their means. This cards starts that process.

In other news. I was part of a flashmob at BlogHer which was so many counts of awesomeness I can’t even explain it to you. Thanks to @mamamaryshow for not letting me pansy out. Thanks to @rockonmommies for her amazing choreography. You gals glorified my world

Thursday on Ooph: New Facebook privacy settings for you and most importantly your kids. Don’t miss it.

Friday: A new column called Songversation. Where I bring you lyrics of a current song your kids are surely listening to and how to work that into a conversation that will have meaningful raminfications. First up? LMFAO and their hit song, Yes. In the words of Jeannie Darcy, “Don’t even get me started.”

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