Baby Maddie Spohr

So much has been going on here at our house.  I need to make a list of everything I should be blogging about.  Ellie’s crib has now been converted into a toddler bed and I have a list of challenges and victories with that one.  Potty Training up dates.  Easter Egg fun. Learning to deal with a stubborn 2 year old.  Home improvement.  The list goes on and on.  I need to learn to set time aside at least  every other day to blog.   ggrrr… Today all of that is going to be set aside because my heart just isn’t into it. 

I’ve recently join Twitter in order to help market Rock On Mommies and to learn more about the other Mommy Companies out there.  Little did I know that I’d become so attached to the Mommies and their children so quickly.   In the last week there was some devastating news.  2 of these Mommies each lost a child.   The Spohrs lost their beautiful little girl Maddie (  and The Meyrs lost their baby boy Thalon (   

Maddie’s mommy Heather twittered through the whole thing,  It started off  with her annoyed that she was going to have to give Maddie a breathing treatment, and then (these are her Twitters)

- Kid is sick AGAIN. Waiting for doctor’s appointment to determine if it’s bronchiolitis, pneumonia, or RSV. Send hopes and booze.

-Dr. Looove just saw Maddie. She ordered an x-ray and pulse ox, and they’re going to do a nasal wash to check for RSV. Yippee.