Organicgirl® Produce Coming to San Diego Vons’ Stores

Organicgirl®  has announced a Chef Tour will be demonstrating at select Vons’ stores in San Diego County from  January 27th-February 4th and you could WIN a year’s supply of organicgirl® super greens! Organicgirl®  is a California-based company that has a line of good clean greens to include; baby spring mix, baby spinach & arugula, romaine […]

The Real 'Stink' On Potty Seats

If any of you have ever potty trained a child (or 2 or 3) you know this: Potty Training Stinks! And to make it even worse, these days there are SO many different options in potty seats and methods to use to try and coerce your child into doing the deed on the toilet. From […]