I need a theme song

You know something I had always thought was kind of cool about superheros? They have a theme song. Or a “take off song”. Right when trouble would arise they could throw open their shirts and take off to some glorious music. “Dun-dah-dah-daun” and off they went. As a Mom of now three, a business owner…

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36 weeks but life never slows down

So today I turned 36 weeks. Last week when I was at the Dr. he gave me the order to “cool it.” Yes, well I tried. I canceled a few shoots but my job isn’t as cut and dry as that. I had Jonas Brothers concert, some models that had been waiting all summer and…

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29 weeks, Justin Bieber, and my 7 yr old daughter found a porn site

This weeks post is a little bittersweet. It is also embarrassing. No one wants to admit that they didn’t protect the computer enough to protect their child, but I feel I should share our story. When this happened, I clambered the internet to figure out how to deal with it. So here goes… My daughter…

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28 weeks, hybrid fruit, cult hairspray and my new fave mascara!

So hybrid fruit. When we went to the store this last time I asked my hubby to grab me a bunch of fruit. I can’t get enough fruit. I could put down a whole watermelon if I wanted to. Promise. Anyhow he bought me one Pluot. It is apparently an apricot and a plum hybrid. All I know is it rocked. Mind you it’s priced like a bell pepper or a avocado but it was VERY “delicioso!” as Dora would say

27 weeks and I can see the light at the end

I know…I still have 10 or so weeks left but it feels like the downhill slope. Although this is the most uncomfortable part. The part when you have to carefully roll around in bed or you will get a side pain from the great beyond. When peeing is more frequent than breathing and no matter how starving you are, only so much food will fit in a pancake stomach..

"You're not 8 weeks…"

So today was the first ultrasound. We went in today with the kids in tote expecting to see a little blob of our 8 week baby on the screen. I walk in the room and she asks “Are you 8 weeks?” I answer “far as I know.” So I lay down and 10 seconds later…

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