The Perfect Stocking Stuffer: SpendSmart Card


Those of you who read my site know that I am a BIG FAN of the SpendSmart (previously called Bill My Parents). We have been using it for over a year and it has been fabulous. If you don’t believe me, you can ask my teenagers.

Five reasons why you too should fill your child’s stocking with a SpendSmart card:

ONE It will save you money. I wish I had tracked the number of times I handed my kids $20.00 bill for a $10.00 event and said bring home the change only to be told there wasn’t any. I swear I could buy a new car for myself and ten of my closest friends with the amount they loaned or spent on jelly beans. Now? There is no change. They have what I put on their card monthly to spend and no more. If they want to spend extra? That is their problem. Which brings me to reason number two.

TWO They learn to budget. They really, really, do. On the first of the month I have an automatic amount that is pushed from my bank account to each of their BMP cards. That money has to last them the entire month. PERIOD. The first couple of months? They sat home the last two weeks begging me for more money. I didn’t give in. Now? They have figured it out. They are selective about how they spend their money so that they can still afford to go to the movies or out to dinner the second half of the month too.

THREE It’s like a GPS system. You get texts telling you where little Billy spent your money. “Billy just spent $15.00 at dinner.” Just last week my son called to say dinner was running late and he wanted to stay out an extra hour.

FOUR What should I get Billy? You no longer have to come up with varying lists with varying pricing for all your family members. You just say? Add to their BMP card. They can choose the amount and your kids can choose to spend the money on whatever their hearts desire. You are no longer their gift coordinator.

FIVE Security. If they lose the card, you can lock it instantly via text. Or if you don’t like their spending? Lock it. Also? The card can’t be used for products like alcohol, tobacco, porn, etc. Those items are all blocked.

Trust me when I tell you, you will like this card. A lot. Put one in their stocking. What do you have to lose? Not your change, that’s for sure.

Click here to sign your child up for a Bill My Parents Card today.


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