The Summer Vodka Spritzer

I love light refreshing summer drinks.  Every summer we have a favorite drink that we serve at our summer parties. This year it’s The Vodka Spritzer.  I am loving this drink because by simply just changing the out the fresh fruit you muddle it with you can a drink that pleases everyone.  You’ll need one shot of…

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9 Ways to Create Confidence in Your Teens

9 Ways to Create Confidence in Your Teen

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Invisalign. All the tips are mine based on my 20 years of parenting and raising of two teens.  1. Get their bodies in motion. Not for weight loss, for mental health. Getting a good sweat on releases toxins, relaxes us and makes us feel happier. 2. Encourage…

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7 Baby Items That Should Never Be Handed Down

7 Baby Items You Should Never Hand Down

Having a new baby can be expensive. It’s so nice to have others help out with their no longer used baby items.  Did you know there there a several hand-me-downs that you shouldn’t use?   Car Seats Believe it or not, car seats have expirations dates! Plastic degrades as does the styrofoam in the seats. Please look…

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