15 Things Boys Should Know Before They Turn 18

15 things boys should know before they turn 18.

There are some key things your sons should know before they leave home. Here are my top 15. 

1. The kitchen? Not just for girls. Learn to use a stove.

2. If a girl tries to change you she doesn’t really love you no matter how much you want her to.

3. Shower daily, keep your nails trim and use deodorant.

4. A dutch oven is never funny. EVER.

5. It is NEVER acceptable to break up with a girl over the phone. 

6. Understand how to use basic tools. 


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7. When you ask a girl, “Is something wrong?” and she says, “No.” She’s lying.

8. The job of a stay-at-home mom is equally as hard as yours. 

9. Table manners. Use them.

10. You will never know a stronger pull than that of your friends trying to get you to participate in their wrong doing. Resisting makes you a man. Succumbing makes you a coward.

11. NEVER use your fists to solve ANY dispute. One wrong punch could take a life and it could be yours.

12. Condoms will save your life.

13. Never use the word gay in a derogatory manner. It’s ignorant. 

14. Sexting is a federal offense.

15. Real girls do not look like Victoria’s Secret models.

What would you add?

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    • Rene says

      Im 27 male and very much like that witch u added..your loner action truely define u..good one :)

    • T-Rex says

      Dear Johnny, This is the truth and not some PBS Afterschool Special Bullshit. The wrong advice can get your ass kicked. If it doesn’t have a dick, it has not lived your life that you are going to live. If it is a queer man, you don’t want to take advice from someone that hangs out at truckstops and men’s restrooms.
      1) a) Don’t worry you are normal. b) Yes you are normal.
      2) Girls do fart, they are just like you with different plumbing and more sensitive.
      3) Girls do lie, tell stories, and are not above stealing. Be careful.
      4) Pick and choose your battles. You can win a battle and loose the war.
      5) Sometimes as a man you will have to fight. If you have to fight, fight to win. There are many things worse than fighting. Your self respect and pride in who you are as a person is part of that. If you do not fight (which you might choose to do) you might be seen as weak, be called a little faggot or bitch by even girls. Pick and choose what is right. You can loose a fight but win the war. People will respect you for sticking up for yourself.
      6) Do not associate with faggots or gays. There is nothing admirable about someone that sucks another guys penis or sticks his penis in another guys butt. That is sick no matter what the media and single mothers say.
      7) No matter what you do, do your best. Your reputation will follow you.
      8) Choose your friends carefully. Show me your friends and I will tell you who you are.
      9) a) When you get your heart broken (and you will), you will get over it. b) You will get over a broken heart.
      10) Do not believe a girl when she tells you she can not get pregnant. If she gets pregnant, you are in some serious shit. Use a condom. Love is not forever. Unfortunately don’t believe all the love bullshit. Herpes, AIDs, and other diseases are forever, Love is not. Don’t believe a girl when she tells you you are the only one. She has probably screwed the whole football team and even the coach.
      11) Don’t do anything to get thrown in jail. If you go to jail, you will always have a hard time getting a job.
      12) Drugs, Alcohol, and tobacco are just a waste of time, your health and money.
      13) Only date a girl that you would be proud to show Mom, Dad, Grandparents, and your Minister.
      14) Don’t shit where you eat. Remember this one. When you work for money. Work. Don’t goof off or be jiving with the boys. Do honest work for honest money. Your boss might have a better and more fun job for you if you do a good job.
      15) If you do something wrong, be a man and fess up for it. You will be treated better if you admit your mistakes, than being called a little rat for not.

        • JABIV says

          @Carol you are exactly right about T-Rex it sounds like a person with a huge chip on her shoulder.
          I happen to be a gay male and I have ‘NEVER’ spent time at a truck stop nor in public restrooms it baffles me that people are so ignorant.
          Being gay to her is always about trash because she cannot stand the idea there are many upstanding gay people in the world.
          There are perverts in the gay community just as there are in the straight community. Oh, it would be horrific if she were to take time to get to know some gay people it might not fit into her closed mind.
          Perhaps she is hiding behind something or someone very close to her in life is gay.
          Oh, T-Rex we are always trying to recruit young men into our gay world just as you are always trying to recruit them into your straight world. If you were a responsible parent, you would not need to speak to your children in such a manner.
          I was never spoken to the way you have described in your post…it proves lack of class.
          There is ‘NO WAY’ anyone can make a person gay unless he/she already has the tendencies. Have you ever heard of a way to make a person straight if so why do we have any gay people?
          Do you really think gay people would choose being gay over being straight if given a choice. I do not know anyone from the extremely effeminate men to the construction workers who would make the choice to be gay.
          Educate yourself before someone close to you in your family comes out of the closet. There are gay people in all families from the Vanderbilt family to the trailer trash.

      • Lena says

        This message is a real life message for young men and both view points are equally good. You my friend are a very passionate man! I love it.

      • Brittany says

        Love this I am a single mother of 3 boys an love your advice better then the article.. it is all real good job

      • JABIV says

        Carol is exactly right about you it sounds like you huge chip on her shoulder.
        I happen to be a gay male and I have ‘NEVER’ spent time at a truck stop nor in public restrooms it baffles me that people are so ignorant.
        Being gay to you is always about trash because you cannot stand the idea there are many upstanding gay people in the world.
        There are perverts in the gay community just as there are in the straight community. Oh, it would be horrific if you were to take time to get to know some gay people it might not fit into you closed mind.
        Perhaps you are hiding behind something or someone very close to you in life is gay.
        Oh, T-Rex we are always trying to recruit young men into our gay world just as you are always trying to recruit them into your straight world. If you were a responsible parent, you would not need to speak to your children in such a manner.
        I was never spoken to the way you have described in your post…it proves lack of class.
        There is ‘NO WAY’ anyone can make a person gay unless he/she already has the tendencies. Have you ever heard of a way to make a person straight if so why do we have any gay people?
        Do you really think gay people would choose being gay over being straight if given a choice. I do not know anyone from the extremely effeminate men to the construction workers who would make the choice to be gay.
        Educate yourself before someone close to you in your family comes out of the closet. There are gay people in all families from the Vanderbilt family to the trailer trash.

  1. says

    I learned how to do laundry at an early age. I even know how to hand wash clothes (our washer was broke a lot).

    It goes along with #3. Women like good smelling men with clean clothes. :)

    • Irishmimi says

      It also goes with # 1 – learn to use a stove/oven/microwave, a washer/dryer, a needle & thread (a sewing machine is a power tool, but a needle & thread will do).

    • Rene says

      So in all this a man learns from his mom..where go all tha things a women should learn..dont cook expect ur man to..dont wash cloths r man will have already learned how by his mom.dont show love or respect till he shows it first..n by the way the truth is always good but not always good for thr rellationship i my wife puts on wieght im a good man so ill still luv her but im not going to tell her yes hun you hav chunked up n gained weight..no..ill lie n say shes nuts n thrs no women sexier nomater how much bigger or smaller she may be than others so no its not always best to tell the truth..

      • Keli says

        So, even though she knows that she has gained weight and asks you about it, you lie to her? And she’s ok with this? If I’m stupid enough to ask if I’ve gained weight, I deserve an honest answer. Honesty IS the best thing, in everything. You can be tactful and still be honest. And no, these things above don’t teach a girl what you say. They teach girls to expect men to help them instead of sitting on the couch, demanding this and that, while she runs after his whims.

    • Rene says

      Not always actualy barely always..better advise is dont live a life wer ur doing things u might lie about later..

      • Angela says

        I have another one to add.

        Use proper grammar. Whole words, punctuation and complete sentences are a turn-on for BOTH sexes!

        Also, the truth is ALWAYS the best policy. There is such a thing as tact to go along with it. If your wife has gained weight then tell her she’s sexy (if it’s the truth). If she asks if she looks fat you should absolutely be able to tell her that you’ve noticed she’s put on a little weight and you’re concerned only for her health. You can even be a better husband and ask what you can do TOGETHER to lose a few extra pounds.

        The truth is always the best.

    • Amber Peña says

      I don’t think telling the truth is easier than lying…. but being honest is the right thing to do.

  2. Dollin says

    Always hold the door open for a girl – car door, door to a building, etc. Always come to the door to pick up your date, don’t sit in the driveway and honk. Always walk a girl to the door after your date, but don’t expect anything in return.

  3. says

    I raised two sons…….teach them to balance a checkbook, pay their bills on time, laundry, dishes, cook, clean,make a bed, look around and notice the world they live in and do it……..talk to women with respect, NO means No….I started teaching them this at 2 yrs old……No was not the beginning of a debate, or a tantrum. Respect yourself and if you can’t be open and honest in relationships it is a RED flag…….

    • Rene says

      Yea a bachelor red flag..understand that desires like the ones u mean r natural and controling ur self is fightin nature mayb its best to be single always dating if they cant be honest otherwise find a women who u can together enjoy the life style u want..

      • Keli says

        So are you saying that if a man desires a woman and she says no, it’s ok to not accept that answer and keep trying and begging, or to just take it?

  4. Rlp says

    A boy, about 8 or 10, was aggrevating his sister, who kept telling him to stop and "no". Their mother sternly told him "she asked to stop, so stop and remember, no means no". She turned to me and said, it’s never too early to teach boys this valuable lesson. I’ve remembered it for years.

  5. Kari says

    Always let ladies go first and open the door for them, my son is 4 and I try to tell him that every opportunity I get

    • A.J. says

      “The job of a stay at home mom is equally as hard as yours.” Lol are you serious? Any job that you can do in your pajamas isn’t hard. I mean cmon, what did get off your ass for a minute to put on Scooby Doo? Did you play hide and go seek with an eight year old? I mean c’mon, a stay at home job is the life are you kidding me? Oh and don’t forget, you should tell your son to make sure he makes some money because women are too lazy to chip in and pay for dinner or drinks or really anything for that matter. Of course, women want equality but they’re always cherry picking the good stuff. Tell your son not to put up with womens hypocritical bullshit. Also tell him to project dominance and be an alpha male. Women say they want equality yet their sexual selections shows otherwise, they want the “strongest” alpha male they can get for their offspring to which of course ensures male dominance over women. Also if “no” meant “no” every guy would die a virgin…

      • Sharon says

        A.J. Are you serious?? Well, since you don’t have a uterus you will never , ever know what it is like being a mom. If your image of a stay at home mom (or dad) has an easy life, I have a household here – we could switch for a week. We are a one income family, decided way before we had our boys. I was with them every day. Were there times I put on a cartoon? Sure! You wouldn’t be normal if you didn’t have a bad day and need to relax for half an hour. You see, in the world of stay at home parents we don’t get sick days. Sick days you WORK! I don’t get to book the day off. Would I have wanted to live a different way? No way. The work I did with our boys has made them respectful young men who know how to respect a woman – they also know that if they are not given respect there is no reason to respect back. They could live on their own if the wanted to – they could cope with a household. You sound so nbitter towards women. Did your mother teach you anything or is she your “female” you talk down about. Maybe a girlfriend? To be a happier person you need to seek some one to talk to about. You last sentence worries me if that is how some men think.

      • Brittany says

        As someone who probably isn’t married or has kids (and with that attitude probably never will) allow me to educate you. I am a married stay at home mom of thee boys and my husband who bust his butt day in and day out working on heavy equipment will tell you he wouldn’t want to trade places with me for anything in the world. Yes, he loves our boys just as much as I do but it’s a hard job. We don’t just turn on cartoons, Sir, we do a whole lot more. We make sure the house is clean, the kids are clean, meals are made, that clothes are washed. We make sure doctor appointments are done on time. We pay bills, keep the cabinets stocked, and make sure everyone is kept happy. Sure we play with our kids, who wouldn’t? But the day you become a stay at home mom you become a nurse, a chef, a personal assistant, a bank, a best friend, a worst enemy, a referee, a nanny, and so much more. So no, we may not bring home a paycheck ever week like our husbands or significant others, but we are the reason everything runs smoothly day to day at home. With that attitude I can guarantee you wouldn’t last ten minutes in my shoes. One of the most ignorant things a person can do is put their two sense in where the have ZERO experience! Walk in the shoes of a stay at home mom for a day and then you can talk, until then I will pray for how small minded, ignorant, and degrading you are!

  6. Jeannie Phillips says

    Loving God is a must for being a real man. It makes you a better husband and father… It make you a better person. God will get you and your family through anything you face!

        • RinaLynn says

          Not everyone is the same. We were all raised differently, some without the influence of a religion or some that simply did not see things the same as their parents wanted them too. This does not mean we are ‘lost’, and I think all kids no matter their gender should be taught this.

          • Emilie LaFave says

            You guys need to read the Bible. If God took the time
            to have the Bible written through His inspiration, I’m sure
            He wants us to read it. How sad if you weren’t taught
            that. You don’t know how sad that is.

        • Janelle says

          Telling someone they are “lost,” is an excuse to say that one religion is superior to all others. Values and morals can come from oneself without a Bible telling them so. I am a Native (American) educated and beautiful Mother of Twins. I have learned through my upbringing, and through self-discovery, what horrific brutalitiles have been done to my Ancestor and my relatives Ancestors based on Christianity. Horrible, horrible, evil acts on Women, Children, Elders and Men, because of what they were and what they did not want to become. The affects of their traumas still affect my family today. Now even more so, amongst our own people and communities. Racism is always front and center…but I find that We as parents, providers and nuturers, all have the capability to Break Cycles and be the people, any Higher Power/Creator, wants us to be. Good Men and Fathers need support, love, understanding and empathy….from both sexes is their lives, to be better Men before them. Every family is different, just like every religion…but we should honor what is best for our family and not look down on those who think differently.

          • debbie says

            I feel so bad for people with such closed mind. How dare someone look down on others for having different beliefs. Aren’t you god loving folks supposed to be accepting of everyone? I would think someone of such “superior stature” would know better than that or doesn’t your god teach you that? If I am wrong and god does exist, I’m certain he would accept me for being able to think for myself, accepting others as is, and leading a respectful life. To each their own.

      • Emilie LaFave says

        God doesn’t have anything to do with being a man? You really
        said that? ! You poor, poor thing. You’ve had no upbringing.
        God has EVERYTHING to do with being a man, or a woman,
        and anything either ever wants to be. How totally uneducated
        you sound!

        • says

          Uneducated? Excuse me? Someone is uneducated because they don’t follow your beliefs? You my friend must be uneducated…. An educated person has the critical thinking skills to think for themselves. Myself.. I believe in God. I have chosen to not take the bible literally.I take the bible as a guidebook to life. Not a law book to life. The bible was written by a bunch of men who walked the same earth we walk on! My education is the reason why I don’t have my head in my ass like alot of you mindless bible thumpers do!

          • debb says

            To all Christian women, pray for John. “A woman’s heart should be so wrapped in God that a man has to go through him to find her”.. A wife who puts God first, will be her husbands steadfast companion, joy, and a constant flame.

          • Cynthia says

            Judge not lest you be judged. Do onto others as you would have them do to you. Love your neighbor(Christian or not) as yourself. Sadly I do not wonder why people think all Christians are hypocrites. I am a Christian and apologize. We are not ALL judgemenatal. Harsh demeaning attitudes towards unbelievers or anyone is NOT being like Christ. I may not agree with people and how they live, but that does NOT make me better than them and to act like we are is proving how wrong that thought is. I have been a Christian for 15 yrs so I have seen the hypocrisy in my own life as well….But God has changed me. I love all mankind, don’t agree with a lot of them…but love them nonetheless….and won’t EVER talk down to them. I have been a more affective witness in the last 4 yrs showing kindness and love than I EVER was in 7 yrs of ministry with a pious judgemental attitude.

        • Rene says

          Uneducated?not realy with all the uneducated ppl perading holding signs saying god hates fags…those ppl have no understanding that god a real god..has NO hate except for hate itself god is all mighty all powerful all loving and allllllll forgiving thrs is nuthing u close minded ppl r goin to say to change that.tht hate any of u may have if the devil inside u if u bear any hate that is..god loves alll.allllllllll.gays dnt choose to be gay moron they choose to live how they were born ..open ur mid to that just cuz u d like it doesnt make u right

          • Ashley says

            Rene this is the only thing you’ve wrote that I agree with. I am a Christian but I’ll tell you what – even before I came to have a personal relationship with God, when I was living a dark, lonely life, He still loved me. God does not hate anyone and all the hypocritical Christians out there are really hurting peoples chances to see God’s love and compassion! It breaks my heart that so many judge others, although the bible specifically says that all sins are equal. Not to mention (Matthew 7:5) “Hypocrite! First get rid of the log in your own eye; then you will see well enough to deal with the speck in your friend’s eye.” Start loving each other, regardless of your differences, the way God intended for us to be!

  7. Jeannie Phillips says

    Loving God is a must for being a real man. It makes you a better husband and father… It make you a better person. God will get you and your family through anything you face!

    • Brendan says

      Please understand that I respect and will protect your freedom to believe what you believe. I must insist upon the same from you. Do not tell me that I need something in my life that you believe you need. In the bible, your god claims to be “love”. Live involves accepting others as they are, not manipulating them into what you believe them to be. Also, the human teacher Jesus who wandered around your book ( not enough for my taste) acted with live towards others without checking to make sure they professed to believe in the same thing he did first. If I remember correctly he nurtured the sick and the ostracized as readily as anyone else. The only people I remember Jesus judging were moneylenders. Please accept the teaching of this man and do not tell me I am “lost” or that I “need god. “. I am a man. I love all humans equally for nothing more than being human. And I became this way because of human parents, human philosophy, and human self analysis.

    • Rene says

      Your right to an extent..but u can be the best father and husband evr with or wothout belief..its the reason we wer granted free will..wut if u wer all those great things n did not believ in a god..would it make u a worse father allthough ur heart alone without god. In ur mind provides you that ability to be honest and n noble..ur wrong buddy nuthing but u can make u better

    • Rene says

      Good start.next is ladys first..then ladys respect..then adult respect n finaly all people and property respect ..as they get old move on to authority n law respect n this is from a great hearted n loving 27 yr old male in miami with two little kids n alot of past stress and heartache to answer for to my great mother

  8. Holly says

    How to make coffee, how to fish, gold pan, chop wood, start a fire, and carry a stick when dealing with the rooster!

      • Rene says

        No man..thats ehy we got heaters in our homes..and lighter and matchs..wen those run out then show me how to rub sticks together for 6 hourd to create a little spark not to mention thousand blisters and splinters..

    • Rene says

      Yea ur right..if ur tryin to turn him in to a lumberjack who cant do anything but but collect fire wood..dudeteach him values not wood choping how stupid is that wow

  9. Kim says

    Never take unfair advantage – even of an enemy. Never betray trust. Always tell the truth. Be kind to children, old people, and animals. Be a hard worker. Respect woman, your parents, and the laws of your country. Never, ever hit a girl. Keep your thoughts, person, and words clean. Be a patriot.

    • Joanneboyle says

      I feel so strongly on the subject of teaching our sons how to treat women including how to speak to them with out ever raising their voices to get a point across! It’s never acceptable to degrade a girl or call her a name,this is verbal abuse and hurts her as much as if she had been slapped in the face! I speak from my own personal experience raising 5 children,the last was a boy.It took me 34 years of marriage to finally have the courage to get out when I witnessed my now teenage son sounding identical to my former husband.I thought”I have to break this cycle or someday he will have a girlfriend or wife that he thinks he can treat this way!”Having said that I would make LESSON NUMBER 16

  10. Byrne Reese says

    I would love to see the list of things fathers should teach their sons. On my list…

    * It’s ok to cry.
    * Honor, respect and love your mother.

    • Rene says

      Look im pretty sensitive as a guy but its realy not ok to cry unless pain is unbearable,death of loved one,strong betray of loved one of affraid for ur life..other than that boys need to be taught that in life things happen that we dont want or like n we jus keep on moving cuz we are men..point blank..if not his wife will not ever respect a cry baby trust me buddy i seen that happen crying is ok only wen its ok and we can tell the difference.dnt cry exercise or run

  11. says

    Great list! As a mom of 2 boys, I would also add:
    1. Any male can become a father. It takes a real man to become a daddy. (And real men change diapers)

    2. The question, "Do all girls have big booties?" is only cute because you’re four. Don’t ever repeat that phrase.

    3. Call your mother.

    • Rene says

      Thrs nuthing wrong with that phrase stop trying to raise a humorless son..does evry grl hav a big bootie is a nothing to call wrong wuts wrong with u for thinking that way to strict n old fasion..dnt forget bud,grls like dirty talk behind closed doors so dnt teach him any n hell be a huge turn off one day not to mention an un satisfying lay

  12. Stephanie says

    we all know it is important to teach girls not to need a man, we must teach our little boys that they do not need a woman to take care of them, this goes hand in hand with doing laundry, balancing checkbooks, cleaning, and cooking.

  13. Michele says

    16.) Always put the seat down.

    17.) It is not acceptable to swear in front of a lady.

    • Rene says

      Yes it is.they usualy swear just as muchzzand seat down is true but hey sum tyms its funny wen she yells from the bathroom bcuz she fell into toilet and is stuck..lol live a little wut kind of stories will u tell wen u r old..respectful polite ones??wow boring

  14. Carl says

    Negative, that is a patent untruth. You should never hit a woman unless she hits you first. Anyone willing to lay hands on another person, no matter gender, deserves reciprocation in turn. Simple as that.

    • Kelsey Nietert says

      YES!!! I’m a woman, and I hate it when people say to never, ever hit a woman no matter what. Sometimes women hit, and they can even be strong. Men are allowed to defend themselves.

    • Kim says

      So right!
      Keep your hands to your self unless you are defending your self!
      Don’t start none won’t be none! Start some, you gon’ get done!

    • Julia says

      I feel if a woman hits a man like a man (meaning closed fist punch, not a slap) then that woman should be prepared to get hit back. There are abusive wives/girlfriends too

    • Rene says

      Ur right she might jus deserve it..but rmemember dude.as a man ur stronger and willl win that fight ..if she stooped so low be a man turn away and she will regret that she emasculated u like that and u will know u did nothing back to her its mor satisfying iv been on both ends trust me..jus try it..u will end up winning that battle

  15. Meredith Wright says

    This is a great list! I also have taught my boys that you NEVER hit a girl even if she hits you – the boy will ALWAYS be at fault, hands down, besides the fact that men just DO NOT hit women.period. I have also stressed that who ever they date is someones daughter, sister, friend. I can refer to their sisters, I ask them to think of how they would feel if someone disrespected their sisters. You treat her with respect and never talk about her to your friends unless it’s to compliment or praise her. Your private life with her is just that, private. Your friends do not need the details. It cheapens her and you when you talk about it. When you break up, regardless of why. you don’t trash talk her because it just makes you look like an idiot.

    • Sheryl says

      While I wholeheartedly believe that a boy should never hit a girl, I believe just as strongly that a girl should never hit a boy. Unfortunately, it has been my experience, as a mother of boys, that there are many girls who believe that they have the right to hit boys with no reprocussions. In elementary school, my son was wailed on repeatedly by a much bigger girl. Talking to her parents did not change anything. So, I finally had to advise my son that, while hitting girls is NOT ok, it is also NOT ok for her to treat him like a punching bag. So, the next day, when she hauled off and hit him with her backpack, he reluctantly hit her back. The little bully never touched him again!

    • A.J. says

      You know how much shit id do if I could just hit someone with no consequences? Women have the life.

      • Sharon says

        AJ again…….not surprised…… What I taught my boys was that NO ONE was to hit ANYONE at ANYTIME. Are there situations when it happens, yes. My brother was physically abused by his wife. I know the torment it caused him. Women should not hit, neither should men. Just keep your hands to yourselves!

  16. Rashel Cornish says

    Also, whatever babying you do as a mother, your son’s wife will be expected to do. Example? My sweet mother-in-law packed my husband’s bag for our honeymoon. She always did his laundry and cleaned up after him. And 6 years into our marriage, this is still one of our biggest struggles. A man who is not taught to clean up after himself at a young age cannot SEE the mess he’s creating. All of that is to say–you’re not doing any favors by babying your son. If he can reach the dials, he’s old enough to do his own laundry.

  17. Angelica says

    To call grandma (auntie, sister, mom) at least once a week. Even if its just to say hello. (Texting doesn’t count)

    When courting….. never text, call the person.

  18. Khia says

    Never do anything to a girl that you would be upset that someone did to your mother or sister

  19. Brooke :o) says

    Carl, this is not a list of what is "legal", it is a list of what is BEST – the whole "taking the high road" sort of thing. Some girls are just ignorant and will punch guys, not having been taught that a woman needs to show a MAN respect, just as a MAN needs to show respect to a woman.
    Now, if a woman tries to SERIOUSLY punch a man, 1) walk away and 2) what EVER put them in that situation to being with?
    But besides all of the respect issues, MOST women cannot do a huge amount of damage with one blow but a man could. It’s NEVER OK to punch a woman – ever.

  20. K Butler says

    Please teach him also that the proper response to "Thank you" is "You’re welcome"…NOT "No problem"…

  21. K Butler says

    Please teach him also that the proper response to "Thank you" is "You’re welcome"…NOT "No problem"…

  22. Katie says

    ADD to #13: Retarded. Never use the word gay (or retarded) in a derogatory manner. It’s ignorant.

  23. Jaron says

    I think that opening the doors for girls is a huge one!!! My boyfriend of 4 years is always opening my door for me and aplologizes if I ever get to the door first. My mom admires him greatly for this as do I.
    Also being a sweet, kind, and genuine person goes a long way as far as being a man.
    And lastly a strong handshake and looking everyone in the eyes when they speak.

  24. J says

    Amen! I’m in the same predicament. We are 5 years in and it is a HUGE issue. Mommy dearest always did all the laundry, picked up all the toys, cleaned the rooms, cooked all the food, etc. She has even given me a lecture on how important it is to let children be kids and not to make them work and "earn their keep" as she called it. But here we are, with living proof of what happens when a man can’t even see the messes he is making. When a man is sitting down watching TV or playing a video game while his wife cleans up the kitchen after cooking dinner for the family and then goes to pick up everywhere else in the house, there is an issue. Yeah, he goes to work all day…raising kids is no picnic job either though.

    Do your son and his future wife a favor for a happy marriage and raise a kid who knows how to pick up after himself and chip in to help keep a home clean and running.

  25. Lola says

    Let’s not forget….Open her doors for her, ladies, women with children, elderly, & handicapped first, please & thank you go a long way.

  26. Jill Black says

    Also should teach EVERY child " Do unto others, as you would have others do unto you".

  27. Wendy says

    We are raising 4 boys and along with MANY of these great suggestions there is ONE STILL MISSING…..
    Be the gentlemen and offer your chair. No woman, I dont care how old or young she is should EVER stand while a man sits.

  28. Daisy says

    For all the Never hit a woman comments. My son will just call MOM!!!! and MOM will deal with that!

  29. Brandy says

    I totally agree! My son has a Autism Spectrum Disorder & my mommy colors come flying out when I hear that word.

  30. says

    So glad Alison Golden commented so I could find your blog, love it! I don’t have boys but I would tell them 1) hold the door open for anyone esp women and the elderly 2) give up your seat 3) show love so your kids know how to love 4) I don’t care if you have been with a woman for 1 day or 100 years, keep sweeping her off her feet- find out what makes her smile. and for God sakes turn off the TV every once and a while!

  31. Mana Rae says

    Two more words that should never be used "fat & stupid". I have taught my son that those are swear words that should never be used at any time. I want him to understand that nobody is fat or stupid.

    • Matthew says

      Nobody is fat or stupid? What about the people who are, in fact, fat? “Fat” is term signifying the state of being overweight, having too much fat stored on the body. It is just as objective as the terms “tall” or “blond.” Do you also teach that nobody is tall or blond? What you’re actually teaching your son is that reality doesn’t matter as long as we use pretty language to cover up the truth.

    • Lram09 says

      I have to totally agree with this one lol my son (age 9) at one point wore too much axe to the point we had drive around with the windows open lol

  32. Ashley says

    Just remember: no matter what you teach them, they may pay more attention to what you’re doing than what you’re saying…as a mother of 3 boys, I’m trying to lead by example -praise them for their good & effort…& when it comes to how to treat a lady, I (try to) show them how to treat a gentleman.

  33. Julz says

    Amen to that!! I have had to deal with that! The mother even apologized to me because she created this issue.

  34. Christen Steidl says

    Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!!! My son also has Autisim Spectrum Disorder & Mild Retardation also runs in my family; I have SEVERAL friends & family members (both men & women) who are gay – no one likes a derogatory or negative comment and I’m teaching both of my children that using these words as negative things is wrong. My Mommy Flag flies high when it comes to these things & I thank you for posting these comments :)

  35. Tracy says

    Keep winning her heart over & over through the years. She needs this, and it will keep your relationship strong.o

  36. Brenda says

    "just because you may not understand it or have ever experienced it, doesnt mean that it doesnt exist. Learn to put yourself in other people’s shoes and be sensitive to their needs or feelings-even if you may not fully understand or agree with it."

  37. Brenda says

    dont pick sides based on popularity. If you see a kid who doesnt have many friends being picked on, stick up for them bc they may not be able to do it for themselves. Do what others arent doing- help and do the right thing.

  38. says

    Say I’m sorry when you are in the wrong! Don’t let your pride get in the way! Above all else let God guide you and you cant go wrong!

  39. Please says

    Really? I’m a man and a complete atheist. I love my wife and support her in every way. I take care of my family and have never abused any woman in the past. I’ve pretty much follow this list.

    So, I am some kind of man-child for not believing as you believe?

    Judge not lest ye be judged yourself.

  40. Asia says

    #1. Don’t have sex with a woman unless you would want her to be the mother of your children, because it only takes once.

    #2. Buy her flowers just because and help her with the household chores and you will be much happier because she will. :)

  41. Briana Walts says

    I gave this to my husband to read. We have one child, 21 mth old boy. Here’s his response:

    Funny. Though a few I disagree with, sometimes fists do work with other boys and are necessary. Two, your girl should look like a Victoria Secret model to you. :)

    • Sharon says

      “Your girl should look like a Victoria Secret model to you?” I’m really hoping this is meant as your daughter will be the most beautiful thing in the world to you and you are not meaning to be sexual. As a child who lived through incest this comment from your husband veers on the side of creepy…….

  42. Mel says

    Not just for boys but is a good one! Never do anything you’ll be embarrassed or ashamed to tell your grandma!

  43. Lu says

    No matter how much kissing or touching is going on; when your date/girlfriend/boyfriend or person you just met says "no", she means it. Period.

  44. Heather says

    1. Marry a woman for her looks and she’ll only be pretty for a little while. Marry a woman who is KIND, and who makes you laugh, and she’ll be beautiful for the rest of your life.

    2. The greatest gift you will EVER give your son is to honor and respect his mother. Whether or not you are still together.

  45. Karissa says

    A bar is not a cool hangout when you are married with children. Just causes more problems, doesn’t make a situation any better.

  46. Kurt says

    Hi I’m 29 and have a 7month year old boy and these are the values my dad raised me on and told me on my 13 birthday.

    1. Never hit a girl, but if she hits u with a closed fist and acts like a man she will be treated like a man. Men should never hit women, but a woman should never hit a man. It works both ways.

    2. Always use word judo instead of real judo. But if u have to defend yourself never show fear or back down.

    3. Respect everyone until they show u no respect, but give them a chance to earn it back.

    4. Be steadfast in ur beliefs respect every1 else’s and admit when ur wrong.

    5. If your man enough to come up in there, you better to be man enough to deal with what’s comes out.

    6. Being a man is not being able to do everything you want, it’s doing everything you don’t want to do.

    7. Treat your woman like a princess so long as she treats u like a prince.

    8. Your mother has done more for you then you will ever now tell her u love her everytime you see or talk to her. She will always love you so dnt hurt her.

    9. Cheating is doing anything you wouldn’t do infront of ur partner, nt just sex.

    10. A mans worth is not measured by the position or wealth he succeeds in life, but is measured by the obstacles he over comes while trying to succeed. Never give up and give it ur all.

  47. Kurt says

    11. It’s ok to dream with ur head in the clouds so long as your feet are firmly on the ground.

    • Sharon says

      Kurt, your dad and I would get along just fine – I love what he taught you and love even more that you remember the list!

  48. Kara says

    I agree completely with Jennie Phillips. God needs to be your rock. Of your an atheist well good job. But from my beliefs I would never date or marry an atheist. I feel that God has expectations that are like this too, he helps you and shows you the way. He is a helping hand that can get you through anything. When I get married and have kids they will be brought up in faith

    • eltanin says

      To each his own, but to me dismissing a potential partner just because the do not believe exactly as you do seems a bit silly to me. Also you don’t need to be christian to be a good person and not every christian is a good person. Values you teach you children such as posted here are generally common sense, honorable respectfull and from the heart. They are not persee linked to any religion.

  49. Terri L. Kent says

    I would like to add: be self sufficient. By this I mean learn to cook, clean the house, do laundry & put it away! My husband does all of this WITH me and it really does go a long way in a happy relationship. Mommy won’t always be around to clean up after you so you must learn to do it by yourself! I am so thrilled to have come across this and have printed it and put on my fridge so I never forget what is important in raising a MAN! Thank you

  50. Nonperishable says

    I love this! But I don’t agree with #2. What if someone has a substance abuse problem? What if they have self destructive or abusive behavior? I would also add #16: It’s okay to be tender and to show emotions when necessary.

  51. Cresta McGowan says

    If you wouldn’t marry her, don’t sleep with her.

    It is more than acceptable – preferred even – to be smart.

  52. Ilema says

    Agreed! We have 3 boys and we teach them to pick up after themselves. Of course its be a kid first but then its be mature and responsible and pick up and help out next. My boys are 8, 6, and 4 and are spoilt rotten but they are taught to help out which helps with the way they respect their things and others as well. A lil structure goes a long way.

  53. Sara says

    I agree with your disagreement with #2. Since we’ve been together, my husband has quit drinking and just become an overall nicer person, in large part because he saw how upset his behavior made me and wanted to make me happy and strengthen our relationship. And there were definitely times when I made clear that his behavior was threatening our relationship. If he had refused to change on some theory that it meant I didn’t really love him, then he would have been defending his right to drink to excess and snap rudely at me as more important than our relationship.

  54. Sara says

    I am totally with Please. It is, shockingly enough, entirely possible to have good values, teach your children good behavior and be kind and responsible without believing that a magic entity in the sky is judging whether you do those things well enough. One might even argue that there is more value in an atheist acting in an upright manner, because those choices are true to his/her heart and not merely enforced upon them by fear of eternal damnation.

  55. Heather says

    I see what you are saying but at the same time you wouldn’t want your son to be with someone who has any of those issues. Those can only bring him down and possibly destroy him as well.

  56. Melanie says

    I think some of these added comments must be from the 50’s. You want the "niceties" of that era but with the advantages of equal rights. As the mother of two adult sons I find many women of "today" to be selfish male-bashing princesses who want their cake and eat it too. Never hit a woman…are you kidding me? If they are assaulted by a woman all rules should not apply. Physical abuse can go both ways. Let’s see a list of what women should teach their daughters….I bet none of them will include ways to be nice to the male gender. Just sayin’

  57. Crystal says

    If you read it properly you would realize it said not to use your fists to solve "ANY" dispute. I do not see where it specifically said not to hit women. You should make the list you mentioned. I am curious to see what your views are as to how women should behave.

  58. Debra says

    I completely agree with you. My boyfriends room mates in college, all four years, were absolutely disgusting. They wouldn’t take out the trash, wouldn’t wash the dishes, let the common rooms a mess. It got so bad at times that I couldn’t stand to walk in because it smelled so bad. And to make it worse, when they would fail their room inspections my boyfriend had to pay a fine along with everyone else for a mess that he didn’t make. He never used the common rooms and had his own trash can, which he emptied when it needed to be. These were 22 year old "men" and they couldn’t wash dishes and take the trash to the dumpster once a week.

  59. Debra says

    I am so glad that you shared #9. This is my biggest pet peeve i guess you could say, with people today. I’m constantly telling people that if they know it will make their partner mad, so they knowingly don’t tell them, then yes they are in fact cheating. Emotional cheating is still cheating.

  60. Debra says

    A big one I will teach my children, girls and boys, Curse words and derogatory words are unacceptable at any age, in any situation. If you can’t speak like a Grown Man/Woman than just shut your mouth. No one wants to hear filth. And this really comes into play when they have children, your kids will repeat everything and that’s not something you want them to say now is it?

  61. C says

    I was kind of liking this list till I got to #12..it is so far from the truth! I will NEVER teach my boy such a shallow thing! In my case it worked the complete opposite…having a baby saved my life!

  62. C says

    I was kind of liking this list till I got to #12…it is so far from the truth! I will NEVER teach my boy such a shallow thing! In my case it worked the complete opposite…having a baby saved my life!

  63. Debra says

    It might have saved your life, but it’s not the same for everyone. Some 15 year old kid doesn’t need to have a child in high school, One that he can’t take care of because he is in school, can’t drive, probably doesn’t have a job yet. And even in college, most college age guys aren’t ready for children and probably don’t have that great of jobs to take care of a child. My children will be told that they shouldn’t have sex until they are married because they will be raised Christian, but if they do then they had better be smart about it. If they can’t take care of a child then they shouldn’t be making children.

  64. says

    I would have to add – The world does not owe you a living and neither do I. Working is expected and REQUIRED and will bring you a lot of respect from yourself and from others. And save money from every paycheck. It will come in handy time and time again.

  65. Willow says

    I don’t think it’s about conception… I think it’s about preventing STDs. AIDS kills, and can be prevented with condom use.

  66. I Heart Monster says

    There’s a difference between trying to change someone and trying to save someone. Support and love is totally different than trying to mold someone into something they’re not.

  67. Heidi says

    I disagree. Every abled body person (no matter the gender) should give up their seats to the elderly, physically challanged, or pregnant. I think it’s horrible for a young girl to be allowed to sit while an elderly man stands just because he is a male.

    • eltanin says

      I have to agree! The young girl should definitly give up a spot for someone elderly male or female. Also its wonderfull to see someone holding open doors and pulling up chairs but honestly mutual respect is far more important. I’ve seen enough example of charming men who open doors and pull up chairs and are still douchebags

  68. Meygan says

    Love this one! This is so true and will be making my list! Be honorable even when its not "popular"

  69. Meygan says

    I completely agree! Never hit a woman. Although i will give my son permission to restrain a woman from hitting him repeatedly but my son is being taught to do no harm! to anyone but especially a woman.

  70. Jackie says

    My husband works all day to provide a nice home and put food on the table. The LEAST I could do for him is his laundry.

  71. Elizabeth Pettit says

    Be mindful of the things you are given or are provided for you. Gifts, clothes, furniture, etc. Take care of things so they last it shows you care and respect the people who work hard to provide the things you need and want.

  72. Crys says

    I am right along with you. Abstinence, self-respect and respect of women is what prevents "unwanted" pregnancies and stops the spread of disease. And in spite of the propaganda the government has fed us, this is the ONLY legit STD prevention.

  73. C says

    Well said, Crys…it’s nice to know there are still moms out there that teach consequences and the importance of making right decisions instead of teaching "ways around" wrong decisions.

  74. Diane says

    I used to tell my students that cussing was pure laziness. If you cannot describe what you need to say without going to the default cuss words you show just how uncreative and unintelligent you really are. It was amazing how they found creative ways to express themselves without using profanity.

  75. Diane says

    We told our son that he couldn’t get married until he could provide housing and health benefits. (It wasn’t as wise as we would have liked….he joined the Air Force)

  76. Murlene says

    I don’t get #4. Why is a Dutch oven included in this otherwise great list? Am I missing something?

  77. Shirley says

    I agree. I had an high school English teacher that said using curse words showed you lacked in vocabulary, as well as intelligence. I have always remembered this and it drives me insane to hear individuals speak in such uneducated ways.

  78. Shirley says

    I would add the best gift you can give your wife is yourself and not settle for someone who is willing to give you any less as well.

  79. Kyle says

    There are too many to add to the list, because a mother teaches a boy/young man so many things

    As far as the list, only 2 issues:

    8. The job of a stay-at-home mom is equally as hard as yours.

    Not necessarily true, respectable- yes, and he should know what she does and never take it for granted, (sry, never liked this statement, just feel it should be rephrased)

    11. NEVER use your fists to solve ANY dispute. One wrong punch could take a life and it could be yours.

    This could result in his own life being taken, and feel this would be stupid for anyone to accept. With today’s society this is not always possible.

    • Liz says

      Kyle thanks for being honest and I totally think this is the biggest issue between husband and wife or bf/gf if there is a hard working labor man or even a hard working office man….long hours, muscle strain…etc etc and a stay at home wife.

      My only insight to possibly explain something you will never understand (like trying to describe a rainbow to blind ppl) is that women are wired differently. And if it were mathematical…men’s brawn and endurance in a job that is usually dealing on just one plane in a multi dimensional business is definitely equal to the constant, on-call nature of a stay at home mom…or even a homemaker.

      Mainly because the home is in itself a business (though small business that is why it is equal and not more tilted in favor of the women working harder) and she has to fill all the levels of duties and be hundreds of different titles at the drop of a hat. In fact…most men dont see that as the man they should be the manager of his home and she should be his assistant bearing only the things he needs done because he doesn’t have time because he is working on all the more difficult tasks he is strong for. They should be a team.

      Work which brings in money should not hold weight. It shouldn’t be the money that has the power to dictate who really worked or not. If a woman were paid for the jobs she does just like if you had hired a stranger to do those jobs her pay would be up in the thousands…..per day.

      So she is just as enduring and perservering because she doesn’t even clock out… and is even in work mode to create a home (hence homemaker) for the MAN when he arrives home ready to relax and be served. It’s just sometimes she gets to sit down and work and sometimes she uses a lot less brawn to take care of things. I respect men for their sacrifice in their bodies for their work. And their mental exhaustion for that matter. I definitely hold it high. Just don’t put the other side down. We are partners created differently in order to become one strong and united force of nature.

      comparing apples to oranges in short…but I have a feeling you didn’t read through to that….lol. I know some ladies did!!! haha. joking! just had to share.. maybe write a book on it and this will be my first 3 chapters! :)

      There are men who don’t do that and see that unfair clocking out is non existent and so they help with chores and child rearing…but unfortunately men that have more of your viewpoint tend to believe “women’s work” is hardly work at all and they have been “off” all day and tending to his needs is the required sacrifice for all his hard work. I def don’t believe in ….I work and pay bills…you do the rest… lol. Have you ever had to do ..”the rest” for more than a month…most men who have find wives quickly. 😉

  80. Casey says

    Totally agree! Your reply to that is typical of a man with no respect for the women who raise families!

  81. Rachaelk says

    My Husband used to be an Alcoholic, before we were together, and was ALWAYS a mean drunk. One night he got in a fight and was arrested and sat in jail for 9 months with another year of living in a recovery house and another 2 years on parole and probation, He has spent the last 6 years trying to dig himself out of that whole to get a better job and provide for us. So yes throwing one punch can, momentarily, take your life. He regrets it to this day and now sees the results of his stupid actions over NOTHING!!

  82. Kyle says

    Ive been a signle father for years, and for a year i was a stay at home dad….stay at home mom did require a lot of multitasking, but it is not near as hard as my current job

  83. Kyle says

    In response to :
    My Husband used to be an Alcoholic, before we were together, and was ALWAYS a mean drunk. One night he got in a fight and was arrested and sat in jail for 9 months with another year of living in a recovery house and another 2 years on parole and probation, He has spent the last 6 years trying to dig himself out of that whole to get a better job and provide for us. So yes throwing one punch can, momentarily, take your life. He regrets it to this day and now sees the results of his stupid actions over NOTHING!!

    I didnt say an idiot can’t screw up his life by starting a fight or throwing a punch, I said by never throwing a punch he could very well end up dead for not protecting himself

  84. Cassie says

    Yeah, cause what kind of moronic parents would tell their kid to use a condom. I’d rather my son die of Aids than use a condom! Idiot!

  85. Liz says

    such a shallow thing? dumbest comment EVER. a condom WILL save lifes and i love #12 most of all!!! great add. if you dont teach your boys and they dont protect themselfs, then its sad to say they might get themselfs
    more than a child!

  86. Alicia says

    Love these, one I would like to add – A girlfriend of substance requires a JOB. Girlfriends like gifts, movies, dinner…etc… So you must have a JOB, because I don’t have a girlfriend fund..

  87. Gail says

    wonderful!! glad someone pointed that out. too many people, of both gender, have forgotten "you’re welcome".

  88. Gail says

    JEEZ, is on one going to comment on the immaturity and language of this Suk-ot person?

  89. Gail says

    Mother can teach, and son can do for himself while single. That doesn’t mean he won’t "forget" all the instant he puts a ring on some female finger!!

  90. caligrl says

    I like that description – "Respectable". I don’t think you can say being a stay-at-home parent is equally as hard as, say, being a construction worker because it’s a different type of job, with different responsibilities and duties, and therefore not really comparable. Just like being an accountant is different than being a construction worker and different than being a CEO of a company or a doctor or a palletizer or a handyman. All different jobs with varying aspects of difficulty. Not necessarily levels of difficulty. But different aspects. What’s hard to one person may come easy to another. I was a stay-at-home mom for 5 years and there’s no way I could be a construction worker or a doctor! That stuff is hard! (for me, I’m in HR) My husband watched over our 8 week old baby during the day while I worked and he thought he was going crazy! (I received phone calls at work every hour!! lol). I ended up quiting and staying home with the kiddos while hubby got two jobs so I wouldn’t have to work (and he wouldn’t have to stay home, haha!)

    Like I said, I like that description – respectable. Was my house always spotless and dinner made on time? No. Did my hubby always understand why? No. But was it hard? No. Was it easy? No. I would do it again in a heart beat if we could afford to :)

  91. Mb21 says

    Or to phrase it more simply, you throw the covers over you and your significant other and fart. Then don’t let them out.

  92. Lanna says

    Gail, it’s most probably because responding to immaturity such as this person exhibits brings ones mental level down too many notches to count and truly isn’t worth the effort.

  93. Kara Allan says

    Learn how to do your laundry, clean your bathroom, shake hands and look someone in the eye. Always tell the truth, don’t follow the crowd. Love God and love your mother!

  94. Truthseeker says

    #12 ruined this for me too. If you teach your son anything, teach them to respect themselves and the women they date. Sex is not the answer. Teach abstinence. Before you know it, you will teach your children to contracept their hopes and dreams away. If you’re not ready to have a baby, don’t have sex.

  95. Jennifer J says

    Do unto others as they would like done unto them. (The platinum rule!)

    Because maybe what they want is not at all what you would like done for yourself.

  96. Gwyndolynn says

    I really do agree with this assessment. I have thought this for soooo long. I just never could put it in words….

  97. Jim B. says

    There are many additions and edits needed on this list:

    I’ll address the list:

    #1 – Absolutely correct
    #2 – Another one that is correct, however sometimes compromising isn’t necessarily a woman trying to "change" you.
    #3 – Yes yes yes.
    #4 – Is it funny? Yes. Mature? Nope.
    #5 – Sometimes it is. Especially if she is crazy or the relationship is new.
    #6 – Wow. This is quite sexist. Shouldn’t men and women know the basics of household tool use?
    #7 – Instead of teaching boys this, teach girls not to hold in everything. Problem solved.
    #8 – No. It absolutely is not. From dealing with management, the weather, dangerous situations, irate customers, economic factors, and various other unknowns the job of a stay-at-home parent is not as difficult as trying to be successful in the business/industrial world.
    #9 – Yes. Manners are key to success
    #10 – Teach your son to be a leader, not a follower. A+
    #11 – This is funny. I’ve always been taught not to hit first, but never to let anyone put their hands on me. I was taught that defending yourself is NEVER wrong no matter who says otherwise. That’s how my kids are taught and that’s the right way. Never let yourself be struck without retaliating.
    #12 – True story
    #13 – This is a joke, right? Since when do the gays need sensitive treatment? If it is okay for everyone to make fun of every other race, creed, religion, sex, color, etc. then they need to be able to handle it as well.
    #14 – My kids will be taught to treat ladies with respect.
    #15 – This is a cop-out. There are women that look like Victoria’s Secret models… they’re in the Victoria’s Secret catalog. Like anything else, this is not the norm. Just like every little boy isn’t going to be an NFL quarterback, not every woman will be a supermodel.

    Now the Additions:

    Shake hands firmly and confidently and look people in the eye when you speak to them.

    Never miss an opportunity to hold a door open for someone.

    Always say please and thank you.

    Dress for success. Always.

    Good manners are not an action, but a habit.

    Ladies deserve respect. That is assuming the woman is acting like a lady.

    Never give respect to those that do not return it.

    Realize that all actions have consequences, immediate or otherwise.

    Money doesn’t solve problems, but if you have money you have less problems.

    An education is your best friend.

    Never trust anyone completely. People are imperfect.

    If you don’t know how to do something, ask someone that does or look it up. Ignorance isn’t a good thing.

    How you treat your mother is a good indicator of how you’ll treat the women you meet in your life.

    Life is full of compromises.

    Life is what happens when you’re busy planning it.

    Never let others influence your beliefs, morals, or integrity.

  98. Jim B. says

    This is just more modern-day stuff trying to get people to compromise their religious beliefs because society is trying to shame them into it. Good people that have strong Christian beliefs will not amend them to appease anyone. Anyone that does is luke-warm. And like it says in Revelation: Since you are neither hot nor cold I will spew you from you mouth.

  99. Deb says

    I’m not sure if you’re trying to be a jerk or not, but you sure sound like one. Although I do like some of your additions, I’m not sure about all of them.

    #8 Really? Are you speaking from experience? Or just ignorant pride? I worked for ten years in a high paying, high stress job. I stayed at home for 2 years. Couldn’t hack it. I’m now back at work. You either have no experience with the stress, isolation, pressure, anxiety etc. or you are superman. I’m guessing that’s not the case?

    #15 Ever heard of photoshop?

    Money gives you less problems? Or just different problems? Because I know a lot of people with a lot of money who have a whole hell of a lot of problems. Teach your kid how to manage whatever money they have instead of teaching them that more is better.

    Never trust anyone? EVER? I don’t even think that’s possible. Good luck teaching them that. People are imperfect but I’d never want my children to go through life constantly guarded and never trusting anyone. What kind of life is that? The life of a bitter, angry, world hater. No thanks.

    The only thing I’d add is Love God more that yourself.

  100. Heather Wood says

    Always be a gentleman………always
    Become well rounded and very well educated. Education will never desert you.
    Keep clean.
    Play in dirt
    Lose the pride. You’re no better than anyone else.
    Offer a hand.
    Know the names of the cleaning crew and befriend them.
    Everyone has a story to tell.
    The world doesn’t revolve around you.
    Never ever, even in jest, use a derogatory term for another race.

  101. Jim B. says


    #8 is from experience. I’ve done both and would rather be home with 2 kids all day everyday than have to deal with the business world.

    #15 might seem crazy to you, but there are absolutely stunning women in this world that DO look that good. Like I said, it is not the "norm" but they are out there.

    Having money does give you less day-to-day problems. Money does not solve problems, but it prevents you from having to worry about a plethora of events transpiring. I’ve been broke and I’ve been more than comfortable. I can tell you I had a lot less worries when I had money.

    If you trust people and don’t cover yourself against betrayal you can be ruined. When I say never trust anyone completely I’m saying it from experience. You never trust anyone with your family’s livelihood. Remember how I said I’ve been broke and been more than comfortable? I because broke when I trusted the wrong people. It took a while to get that wealth back.

    You can live however you like, but my family’s well-being is far more important than what anyone on an Internet board may think of it.

  102. Janet Silverman says

    Treat the women the same way you would expect a man to treat your mother.

  103. Hailz says

    I AGREE! I am only 23 and it baffles me how many I people I meet that are my age or younger that seem to think they deserve to be paid, or given a job at the top without paying dues or working hard. DRIVES ME CRAZY!!!!!

  104. Jennifer Chiodini says

    "#13 – This is a joke, right? Since when do the gays need sensitive treatment? If it is okay for everyone to make fun of every other race, creed, religion, sex, color, etc. then they need to be able to handle it as well." – According to whom is it okay for everyone to make fun of every other race, creed, religion, sex, color, etc.? I am not condoning homosexuality, but this statement is bothersome. Because group A has been persecuted, then group B should face it as well? Also your theory about only giving respect to those who deserve it – I understand the premise, but who wins here? I think this attitude contributes to a "me first" first attitude, which (despite your reasoning) is harmful in the long run. (and I am n ot talking about blatant verbal/emotional abuse. When you say "those who deserve it" what do you mean? Do you mean "those who agree with you"?) Lastly, if you never let others influence your beliefs, moral or integrity, you stand to loose out on a lot. When you think you have learned it all, you loose big.

  105. Momma Bear says

    For a mother raising three young men, after reading your comment, I would say to my sons not to bother with someone like you. If they have a JOB, I would not want them wasting every single penny that they earn spoiling some girl who only cares about money. When it comes to wedding vows (I realize I am jumping the track, but bear with me), it states, "For better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health." If you cannot learn that while dating, you will not go very far. I have a so-called gf that left her husband for no reason other than for upgrading to some dumb thing that has money and spoils her. She did not have it bad, just not a lot of money and pretended to have a lifestyle that she pinned for. It is fake and disgusting. Life sucks, but it is only how you make it out to be. Maybe you need to aim higher, but don’t fall into the give me, give me life, and the I deserve it all, because none of us are perfect, and no one can for see the future when dating/marrying someone. She has ruined her children’s lives by breaking up a family for no reason but money. If she was abused and had a lying cheating drunk of a husband, and he did not work and was a lazy thing leaching off of society, then I say go for it, end the marriage, but it wasn’t that way at all. You sort of sound like her…fake and greedy.

  106. Momma Bear says

    For a mother raising three young men, after reading your comment, I would say to my sons not to bother with someone like you. If they have a JOB, I would not want them wasting every single penny that they earn spoiling some girl who only cares about money. When it comes to wedding vows (I realize I am jumping the track, but bear with me), it states, "For better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health." If you cannot learn that while dating, you will not go very far. I have a so-called gf that left her husband for no reason other than for upgrading to some dumb thing that has money and spoils her. She did not have it bad, just not a lot of money and pretended to have a lifestyle that she pinned for. It is fake and disgusting. Life sucks, but it is only how you make it out to be. Maybe you need to aim higher, but don’t fall into the give me, give me life, and the I deserve it all, because none of us are perfect, and no one can for see the future when dating/marrying someone. She has ruined her children’s lives by breaking up a family for no reason but money. If she was abused and had a lying cheating drunk of a husband, and he did not work and was a lazy thing leaching off of society, then I say go for it, end the marriage, but it wasn’t that way at all. You sort of sound like her…fake and greedy.

  107. Mommypeas says

    I believe the intention of the comment was more a I’m-not-going-to-fit-the-bill-for-your-love-life not find-a-gold-digger. I don’t think any mother wants her son to end up with someone that is only with him because of what he can give to her.

  108. Olivia says

    Call your family!
    Always smile!
    Be funny
    Hold your girlfriends hand.
    Don´t scratch your privates in public.

  109. Tracey says

    Serving in the military is the ultimate act of patriotism and bravery! How ignorant must you be to post such a thing. As the child of a father that serverd 26 years in the Air Force, and then myself doing 8 years, and being married to a man who served 20 years and still serves as a civil servant, I find your remark derrogatory and quite offensive. Our service made your ability to write such a thing possible. YOU ARE WELCOME!

  110. Danit says

    I have to agree with most of Jim’s comment….
    This goes to show you how different women and men are when it comes to parenting…women tend to focus on sensitivity (don’t use ‘gay’ in a derogatory fashion) – but life is life…and no one said it isn’t tough. I teach my boys to treat others the way they wish to be treated…that pretty much covers it. Learning how to deal with conflicts and personality differences early on – will make it easier for them in real life. This ‘politically correct’ society we now have – has done us no favors. Our kids are less respectful, less empathetic, less independent and more ‘entitled’ than ever in history…. why do you think that is?

    Every couple of months – I have each of my sons take me on a ‘date’…I teach them how to treat a woman (opening doors, eye contact and manners). My boys are 6 and 9. In addition, I stress to my boys that life isn’t fair, you must give respect to get respect and you are your own destiny.

    I will say that – stay at home parenting isn’t for everyone. I have stayed home full time, worked full time and finally decided a part time job fits my needs. I stay at home 2 days during the week and work 3 – which days do I ‘enjoy’ the most – the stay at home days HANDS DOWN. Many of my stay at home mom friends — their biggest event during the day is making their personal trainer appt at 10am or the once a week trip to the grocery. They complain about dinner, kids taxi, play dates etc… when I know good and well – play dates and activities are often social events for women…and these are the same women – that seem to be on Facebook – 24/7. Lets not forget – the working mom has to do ALL of those things and juggle the stressors of the career life. To say the stay at home mom has it soooo rough – is kind of a stretch in my opinion.

  111. Jackie says

    Where I definitely agree a guy should have a job.. it’s not because I want him to buy me things. Were I do enjoy the small gifts and taking me out, I mainly want a guy to have responsibilities and goals. Having a job creates this. I take pride in how hard I work and the responsibilities I have….a guy that is jobless by choice is someone without goals or responsibilities and therefore, not someone I would be interested in dating. I am also a firm believer that if you have been with a man six months or more and it is serious, there is NOTHING wrong with a woman paying for a dinner bill or two. I believe it shows that you are perfectly capable of paying for things yourself without his help and therefore showing independence.

  112. Jackie says

    I have been reading a lot of the comments below this posts and it’s mostly about the stay at home mom being as equally as hard as a mans job. I have worked a high stressed job and been a stay at home mom and I don’t think you can compare the two..where working and being a stay at home mom are very hard to do, I think they are also very different. ALL jobs are different.

    But gentlemen let me give you an understanding: Women are expected not only to keep children alive and healthy, but they are required to clean the household (so that the family does not get sick) as well as have meals provided. To clean up after not only your husband but little ones, the animals (if you have them), and yourself as well is certainly a task in itself and should NEVER be undermined. Remember gentlemen, when you make your comments about mothers and it being easy, you are insulting your own mothers who worked so hard for you and your family.

    If you look at it this way, it would be like your wife or girlfriend saying to you, "you work behind a desk all day and sit around, behind a computer and do practically nothing." It would be ignorant for someone to say something like that to you especially if you are making HUGE decisions for the company you work for, etc. One cannot be ignorant and make such comments.

  113. Samantha L says

    Being a stay at home mom is A LOT of work. I know this first hand. Four years ago I received a job offer in a larger city and my fiance at the time was unemployed. I didn’t have a problem supporting us as long as he did the dishes, tidied up and etc. Instead he played video games and lazed around the couch figuring the house work got done by itself…. Anyways I would come home to a mess (no kid at this point!!!) After being stressed out at work and having to deal with the mess I was not happy. He ended up getting a job and with us both working he still didn’t want to share the chores. Flash forward a few years later we’re married and have a 15 month old daughter and I stay at home full time ensuring my place is SPOTLESS and orderly. It takes a lot of work but it gets done. My point being is that it’s easy for men to stereo type stay at home mom’s as lazy and don’t do anything until they are put in a similar situation (i.e my now husband) Things are much better this way, if I do go back to work it will probably be up to part time so I can still take care of the household.

  114. Valerie Drouin says

    THIS IS A TRUE STORY: I recall my son asking at a very early age (between 5-6): "Mom if I brng by girlfriend coffee, will she like that"? , my response "If she likes coffee honey, than she will like that " . Then he asked " Mom if I do her laundry will she like that"? "If you sort it right honey, yes she will like that"! Then he asked " Mom if I bring my girlfriend breakfast in bed will she like that"? My response was…………"WooWooWooo, If you are bringing her breakfast in bed, you better be married, and she must have done all of the above for YOU!

  115. Daniel Ehringer says

    Alicia, Forget what these women said. As a man who does honor his mother and wishes to treat women as she should have been treated by the men whom she mistakenly let into our lives. Good girls are not cheap and any woman worth my time is a woman that takes time to get to know. I would ask these other women, how i am I to get to know her and know she is a good woman worthy of my time and show her I am a man of substance who is worthy of being her Champion without spending time with her?
    Understand there are very few things in life that are free. How would you view a man who spent 3 months getting to know you, but had little money to take you to a movie or to dinner? This certainly is not someone capable of providing a secure future for you ar the children you may produce.

  116. says

    The whole idea of never hitting someone, depends on the situation. I was always taught to never start sh*t, but not to take sh*t either. So is my son. If someone hits him, he will be hitting them back. I’m not raising a bully, but I’m not raising a push over either.

    My son will know how to clean, cook, take care of himself, treat others right, love God, and help others.

    A SAHM’s job is just as important as anyone else’s. People should get off of that, and know that each job is different, but just as important.

  117. Eileen Yonan says

    Hahaha, never leave the seat up, dont put the near empty carton back in the fridge, wash ur hands ALWAYS, and remember to send ur sisters flowers and candy every Valentines, Birthday, Anniversary.. Etc

  118. jo says

    i love the list. i have a little man and i take my job of raising him very seriously – he’s going to make somebody a great spouse someday!

    for me i would add 2 more –
    1 – love is never wrong. spend your life with whomever makes you happy
    2 – assume the role of protector with all those you love.

  119. ~*~Jennifer~*~ says

    7. When you ask a girl, “Is something wrong?” and she says, “No.” She’s lying.

    THEN some commentors say, “No means no.” Sort of a fallacy here… why would one assume a girl is lying? A girl must never lie.


    Pray for your young men to love the Lord with all their heart soul mind and strength – then following the promptings of the Holy Spirit and these things should all fall into place.

  120. Throwing Stones in Glass Houses says

    I would add: “Don’t ever get married, unless you are REALLY REALLY sure.”

  121. Kim says

    Pink is not only for girls!

    You don’t have to shake it off, go ahead and hurt and cry if you feel the need to!

    Never take the credit or the blame for something you did not do!

    Always look them in the eye!

    You will get rejected, If she doesn’t want to talk to you for some shallow reason, you don’t want her on your team anyway!

    If you get someone pregnant, BE THERE, PERIOD!

    If she doesn’t like you, there is another she right around the corner that will!

    God gave you tear ducts to use!

    Don’t walk on the heels of another, set your path one foot in front of the other, you will surely go much further! In other words don’t be a follower be a leader!

  122. Kim says

    Hold the door open when someone is coming in behind you, woman or man…

    Offer to help when you can!

    Be yourself, don’t change who God made you for no one!

    You are in competition with only YOU. There is always room for improvement!

    Learn to use your less dominate hand, you never know when it may become your only hand!

    Learn how to fix it yourself!

    Don’t call women out of their name and don’t hit them unless you have to defend yourself!

    Don’t take yourself to seriously!

    Sleep with angels, not demons!

    Keep your tee-fuh-ses brushed, ears cleaned, body washed and lotioned, your hair did and underarms lathered in deodorant/antiperspirant! And keep an extra deodorant in your backpack/car…

    Don’t wear holy socks or underwear you may end up at the hospital and that is just embarrassing!

    Laugh hearty EVERYDAY!

    Check yourself before some else has to!

    You are not done until you are dead! If you want to go back to school at 80, go…

    If different is who you are, be the best damn different you can be!

    If I had to choose, I would rather you have a bad grade than a bad friend! You can change your grade, you can NOT change a bad person!

    When someone does you wrong, pray for them and don’t give them an opportunity to do it again!

    There is no better feeling as a man than making a way for yourself! God bless the child that’s got his own!

    Forgiveness is FREE!

    In your relationships be proactive not reactive!

    Don’t start none, don’t back down from none!

    Know when to walk away!


    Wash your hands!!

    Don’t be harassing your wife/girlfriend for sex, unless you want her to harass you to grow it bigger or last longer! Blahahaha! But seriously, it is not cool. If you were handling your business(in that area) you wouldn’t have to harass in the first place!

    Don’t be using corny pick up lines, you will get clowned!

    Never apologize if it is not sincere!

    Don’t show out just show up!

    Know your worth, be confident not arrogant!

    Don’t do sh*t that will have you in jail/prison, I promise you you won’t like it and probably won’t make it!

    You will not get a second chance to make that first impression!

    If you know you went all in with the best you had to give and it is still not good enough for someone, than you can walk away with a free and clear conscious and a fresh new start!

    You are not the person to judge another person!

    Don’t always be looking for more, bigger, better, prettier, thinner…If you can’t be happy with what you have already been blessed with how are you gonna be happy with more?

    Keep positive energy around you and that will attract positive people to you!

    Love God(or whatever you believe in), love yourself, love your family and love life because it is definitely a unique and priceless gift!

    I know this is supposed to be15 things a mother should teach her son(s), but there are way more than 15 important things for them to know while they are still young [men] to help build their characters to become well rounded men and hopefully pass down to their own children.
    I have 3 sons, but most of these are things I tell my nieces too. In my opinion they are excellent teachings for any young person.

  123. Miss Tan says

    Told my son (as he’s getting close to dating age to remember all girls are someone’s daughter, sister and eventually someone’s mom. To keep that in mind and treat them how he’d want his sister, daughter or me treated by someone who dates us.

  124. Brenda says

    For both boys and girls:
    You should know how to change a tire (and hopefully your oil).
    Use ‘Yes, maam’ and ‘Yes, sir’ when talking to the police (or other important people, but definitely the police)…. and you will talk to the police at some point in your life.
    Find your equal when searching for a mate.
    Hug your parents and don’t be afraid to talk to them.

  125. sandy says

    This discussion got way off course people. It was suppose to be a simple sentence to help young boys. What happen??

  126. Chris says

    Submit to God. One can’t be a real man without following a higher calling. It’s like the coward example of #10 why do the hard thing “be a man” if there isn’t any point to our existence. There is no such thing as a non-christian man.

  127. anon says

    I would teach him/them to be independent & to focus on their wife/gf after a certain age & not their mothers. It is important for mothers to teach their sons to break free & be independent. Else they just will make another bad bf/husband :(. Its important for mothers not to cling & to teach their sons to break free & be independent – it starts with what her mom teaches her son to do.

  128. sms70 says

    – take the good with the bad in your relationship but realize that giving up may be easier then trying but it’s the trying that makes it all worthwhile.

    – menopausal – all women goes through it and if it happens to be a terrible ordeal just remember that its a passing phase, learn what you can to help and be understanding, this is one of those times that she needs you the most.

  129. Sharon says

    One thing I taught my boys that I feel needs to be told to ALL children (and some adluts!) is that they were so very special to us, they were our world. BUT that only was limited to our home and other relatives. To our neighbours, their kids are their world and they are special to them. Outside, you are special to no one. Everyone has their own lives and problems. If you find friends that become close, then they become special to them. The world owes you nothing. You won’t start a job at the top, you won’t have the best car or own a home of you don’t work for it. You get nothing for free. Another thing I told them about relationships was that she should make sure they can be themselves with thier partner and if they make them laugh it is just as special, if not more so, than anything else. We’ve been married 20 years and we laugh in our house every day. We explain to our boys that we have made it through hard times because of this sometimes. I would prefer no sex until marriage, but also told them that if they decide to have sex and can’t discuss birth control then it should be a no go. Also told them that when they do marry THAT becomes their family. It’s a natural part of life. We had some issues at the start becasue of this – I never want to do to them what my MIL did to me. Coming from a violent and sexually abusive family I have a hard time sometimes because I have no compass on how to be a proper mother, but I think I’ve done a good job so far. They are great boys that are becoming great men – so I must have done somethings right! Haha!

  130. Bethanny says

    Relationships aren’t all about sex, chivalry is not dead, intelligence is sexy, showing emotion and asking your girlfriend for advice makes them feel loved and trusted. My son is five and he knows that if he has to fart or adjust himself in anyway, including scratching, he must do it in the bathroom.

  131. says

    Teach them survival skills. In nature and in social situations. The other thing you should teach them, I will probably have a lot of people disagree with me on this, is how to lie and how to read people. This is fundamental in survival.

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