15 Things Boys Should Know Before They Turn 18

15 things boys should know before they turn 18.

There are some key things your sons should know before they leave home. Here are my top 15. 

1. The kitchen? Not just for girls. Learn to use a stove.

2. If a girl tries to change you she doesn’t really love you no matter how much you want her to.

3. Shower daily, keep your nails trim and use deodorant.

4. A dutch oven is never funny. EVER.

5. It is NEVER acceptable to break up with a girl over the phone. 

6. Understand how to use basic tools. 


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7. When you ask a girl, “Is something wrong?” and she says, “No.” She’s lying.

8. The job of a stay-at-home mom is equally as hard as yours. 

9. Table manners. Use them.

10. You will never know a stronger pull than that of your friends trying to get you to participate in their wrong doing. Resisting makes you a man. Succumbing makes you a coward.

11. NEVER use your fists to solve ANY dispute. One wrong punch could take a life and it could be yours.

12. Condoms will save your life.

13. Never use the word gay in a derogatory manner. It’s ignorant. 

14. Sexting is a federal offense.

15. Real girls do not look like Victoria’s Secret models.

What would you add?

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