11 Reasons Kids Should Wait Until 30 To Get Married

1. Because choosing a spouse is like choosing your favorite ice cream. You can’t possibly know which one you like best without sampling all the flavors.

2. Because your 20’s are for doing all the things you can’t once you are married with children.

3. Because finding yourself first means you are less likely to lose yourself when you get married.

4. What’s the rush? It’s not like being married 40 years is any less admirable than being married 50 years.

5. Because there is some genuine beauty in not having to ask another’s permission to do whatever you want. Enjoy it while you can.

6. Because the older you get, the less you sweat the stupid crap. And it’s often the build up of sweating the stupid crap that causes a divorce.

7. You will be controlled by your parents until your 18. College will control you until you are 22. You need some time to figure out how YOU want to do it. Not how others want you to do it.

8. Because nothing kills a marriage faster than wondering what if…

9. Because wet towels on the floor and putting the toilet paper on backwards don’t matter. And you won’t know that in your 20s.

10. Because you can never truly respect your spouse until you have learned to respect yourself.

11. Because updating your Facebook status to “single” is a hell of a lot easier than divorce.