10 Things Your Wife REALLY Wants for Valentine’s Day

10 Things Your Wife REALLY Wants for Valentine's Day

The best gifts in life are free.

It sounds cliche but it isn’t. It’s the dang truth. I do not care if my husband spends a single dime buying me a gift ever again as long as he provides the free ones down below. Nothing says I love you more than showing your wife that you respect her, love her and find her special. And? It’s so unbelievable easy to do.

1. Carry in the groceries. SMOKIN’ HOT. Nothing is worse than spending an hour at the grocery then coming home and having to lug all the bags into the house while you and the kids site and watch tv.

2. Leave notes on our bathroom mirror. Get those cool glass markers or just use a post-it note. I LOVE waking up to a heart and an “I love you” or other things which I shall not write on this site.

3. Dishes? They don’t bite. My husband does them with me every night. And nothing makes me want to rip his clothes off more. Well, maybe a couple of things. But it’s high up there.

4. Date nights. You don’t have to plan them. Just say, “Hey babe, I would love a date night with you this week. I am missing our alone time.” We will happily plan it. We just want to know that it is important to you to connect with us.

5. Do a load of laundry from beginning to end. Which includes putting it in drawers. And? Notice when we do. Which isn’t difficult in my house as it happens rarer than a blue moon.

6. Once a week…hand us the remote. You can do it. 

7. Make bacon. I don’t need you to cook some elaborate meal for me. Just bacon. My husband makes bacon on Sunday mornings. Say it with me ladies, “aph-ro-di-siac”.

8. Kiss us, remind us why you married us, and tell us that you love us more now than you did before. It takes five seconds and it means the WORLD to us. Also? It makes us remember why we like to be naked with you.

9. When you walk by us in the house, on occasion it would be AWESOME if you hugged us or gave us a five second shoulder massage, instead of ass smacking and boob grabbing. You know…just occasionally.

10. Ask about our day and listen. Ask follow up questions and make the appropriate grunts or high fives. 

What would you add ladies? 

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