10 Facebook Rules for Parents

As parents it is our responsibility to help our kids navigate Facebook. Silently. Below are 10 rules written by tweens and teens for you.

1. Don’t write on my wall. If you want to tell me something, text me.

2. Don’t post dorky or baby photos of me and tag me in them. They might be cute to you but I don’t enjoy when my friends make fun of me.

3. Don’t friend my friends. Think of it as a slumber party. You aren’t supposed to hang out with us. It’s creepy. It’s not fun to have the creepy mom on Facebook. Or anywhere really.

4. Don’t comment on photos I’m tagged in. It’s like having Aunt Betsy squeeze my cheeks.

5. Don’t tell all your friends a story about me on Facebook, for example that my bedroom is a mess or that I have a new girlfriend and tag me in the post. Humiliating. You wouldn’t much like it if I shared your “issues” on Facebook.

6. Don’t micromanage my wall posts. If I do something REALLY offensive make me take it down. But remember I am a teen and say stupid things. Please understand the difference.

7. I promise not to post inappropriate photos of myself and it would be great if you would do the same.

8. Remember what you always tell me. You aren’t my friend, you are my mom. Please take that advice on Facebook.

9. Using LOL? Stop now.

10. I know you are stalking my Facebook page. But show some restraint. Just like in my sports, your job is from the sideline, not on the field.

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  1. says

    These are terrific rules. On the don’t write on my wall rule, I have had to completely BAN my son from commenting on my posts. He was leaving dorky comments on every single thing I put out there – ugh! On the inappropriate comments thing, he can’t get away with a thing. He has me, his dad, his 2 older brothers, a dozen other relatives, plus half a dozen Scout leaders, and 3 ministers on his Friend list. He doesn’t dare post anything unless it’s Lego or video game related!

  2. says

    I’ve broken most of these rules. I’m a rule breaking rebel and my kids will survive it. I feel no shame. I’m sure my children will find their revenge one day when they stick me in an old age home and feed me gruel. I’m okay with that.

    • Stefanie says

      How did I know you would be a rule breaker? I am pretty sure they are putting us in homes and feeding us gruel regardless, so just go on with your rebel ways!

  3. says

    When my daughter joined FB, I didn’t WANT to be her friend! It was my world first, and I didn’t want to share or have her see some of the things I posted. Not because they were embarrassing or inappropriate, but because I was not okay with worlds colliding that way! Anywho, I just had her password (still do) so I could monitor activity and so on, but eventually, we became fb friends. We actually wanted to see each other’s posts every once in a while…

  4. Brit says

    I’m curious to see how social networking will have changed by the time my 2 year old is a teenager. I mean, I’m 23 years old. My generation invented LOL. We should be allowed to use it.

  5. Lauren says

    The beautiful thing about this post, is that it’s not even necessary. You’re kids can block you from their profile without removing you from their friends list, and you’d never know the difference.

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